Mookkie™ – the A.I. powered pet bowl

Mookkie™ visually recognizes the associated pet and opens the flap to feed exclusively him or her. Associated to one pet also with a personalized style, Mookkie™ stops domestic “food thieves” assuring to its pet the right amount and quality of daily food.

Volta® Technology

Volta® Artificial Intelligence ( powers the visual recognition system of Mookkie. A front-facing camera sees the approaching animals. The images from the camera are processed through a deep neural network that establishes if the approaching animal is the pet associated to Mookkie – this authentication system reminds the face-unlock available on newer smartphones. The panel opens only when the paired pet is nearby Mookkie™. The technology of the bowl is patent pending.

Italian Design

Mookkie™, thanks to its simple design, fits well in today’s domestic environments. Mookkie™ has been designed with the two users in mind: the pet and the owner! The food bowl is removable, easy to grab, and self-centering during re-positioning thanks to a magnetic mechanism. The internal shape of the bowl is ergonomic, so that every cat, even flat faced ones, can reach and consume their food once activated.

Benefits & More

Mookkie™ stops domestic “food thieves” from getting access to your pet’s food, including birds, wild animals and even babies. All of the bowl’s internal surface is visible by the camera, making Mookkie’s A.I. always aware of food status. Mookkie can also send notifications and short video clips to the owner throughthe Mookkie™ app, which has been designed to fit this scope. At night, Mookkie emits a very soft, gradiant light that allows the pet and the owner to locate the bowl, the temperature of the light is warm ans fits pet sensitivity to light. The sliding panel is made of transparent polycarbonate. Furthermore, the closure keeps the food fresh and keeps bugs, flies, and insects away. The base of Mookkie™ features an anti-ant system.. Mookkie’s unique design geometry invites the allowed pet to eat comfortably, while keeping other animals away from the back and from the side of the bowl. With Mookkie, design completely meets functionality, it is uper easy to setup,extremely easy to use, imple to clean, and maintain. It also comes in personalized colours and can even be personalized with your pet’s name.

Mookkie is attractive!

CTA’s report “Pet Technology Ownership, Use and Perceptions study” (April 2018) highlights that pets are an integral part of the American family. A survey by the American Pet Products Association found 68 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet, spending nearly $233 million in 2018 on pet technology. CTA believes the U.S. pet technology market is poised for double-digit volume and revenue growth heading into the next decade: a rapidly emerging market of electronic and connected solutions helping owners care for, train, feed, monitor and play with their furry friends.


millions households with a cat (USA only)


millions households with a dog (USA only)


millions multi-pet households (USA only)


target multi-pet huseholds with a Mookkie by 2020 (USA only)

Mookkie is Ces Innovation Award Winner!

See Mookkie listed among the CES Innovation Award Honorees in the “smart home” category

@CES: Booth #27024 South Hall Las Vegas Convention Center Jan 8 to 11

@CES Unveiled: Booth #135 Shorelines Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Jan 6th

@CES Innovation Award Showroom: The Venetian, Venetian Ballroom E/F Jan 7 to 11



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